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Every supply chain cycles in and out of a state of optimization.  How well does your healthcare network manage change? 

Increasing Healthcare Supply Chain Agility – these days it’s the name of the game

Whether it’s from internal or external forces, increasing your supply chain network’s ability to detect and adapt to change dramatically boosts the value of your healthcare through improved cost management and coordinated execution. Building supply chain competency in both phases, detection and adaptation, remains a considerable challenge for many healthcare providers, particularly in the face of rapidly rising costs, uncertain legislative initiatives, and mushrooming choices in data management and analytics.

What isn’t being measured is likely impacting your value chain

Your healthcare supply chain is influenced by factors which can be detected – and controlled – to give your network greater agility.  By generating insights into these key factors and designing your data analytics to rapidly detect and anticipate shifts that could seriously damage network stability and service care cost, you will empower your collaborative processes to turn potential crisis into competitive advantage.

We approach optimization of your value chain network by  improving your supply chain's fitness to manage change.  For this, we use pressure-tested methodologies to quickly understand the number and magnitude of key drivers and influencers that must be actively managed, as well as identify important design considerations for enabling your OP-EX and SC-EX goals.  
Review Your Supply Chain Fitness
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