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Find out the Fitness Score for your Healthcare Supply Chain


Take the Quiz

How To Take This Quiz:

1. Use the Yes/No drop down to answer each of the ten questions.  If you are unsure of an answer, your business probably isn't performing the desired best practice, so answer yes/no accordingly.

2. Once you have answered all ten questions, click the 'Speedometer Chart' tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet to see your score.  Read the Legend below the Chart for more information.

HC low.png

Crisis Mode

Businesses move in and out of functional coherency, a process we term the ‘MetaCycle.’ The magnitude of oscillation is dependent on the severity of impact of the changes described above. At the bottom of this cycle is Crisis Mode. Those who’ve been there recognize the symptoms all too well: constant fire-fighting to control problems in a host of supply chain areas, such as inventory, capacity, customer service, logistics costs, and so on. All these issues erode a business’ ability to capture EBITDA.

We approach optimization of your value chain network by  improving your supply chain's fitness to manage change.  For this, we use pressure-tested methodologies to quickly understand the number and magnitude of key drivers and influencers that must be actively managed, as well as identify important design considerations for enabling your OP-EX and SC-EX goals.  

HC Cycle Reduction.png

Foundational to a company’s ability to master the Meta-Cycle and meet its OP-EX and SC-EX goals is to develop the capability to: 1) understand how various forces of change are impacting execution of the business strategy, and 2) increase organizational agility to quickly react to and anticipate change. Supply to Market Optimization, or ‘S2MO,’ is a versatile, leading edge solution for these requirements 

HC High.png

Entitlement Mode

The Holy Grail for any healthcare provider is to achieve Entitlement Mode, which occurs when all network functions are properly harmonized and complementing each other’s actions, synergistically boosting earnings capture.  Octagon offers a solid track record of helping businesses zero in on this state.

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