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Identify, map, and model risk across the value chain to improve decisions
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Scenario Planning & Modeling (SP&M): The Al Behind an Agile & Resilient Value Chain


With disruption and volatility in every market, developing disruption scenario models is now virtually mandatory for every company. The steps to accomplish this generally are as follows:


1. Mapping the value chain network,

2. Identifying the risks, and

3. Prioritizing and quantitatively estimating the risks through modeling 


While easy to summarize, this work is non-trivial, which partly explains why, with many companies operating with leaned-out organizations, there is limited internal bandwidth to accomplish this all-important step to comprehensive disruption management.

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Our team of seasoned experts have worked within value chains in many different industry sectors, compiling an extensive database of potential pitfalls that your business may be unknowingly facing.  Working with your organization, we can help your business Run, Grow, and Transform so that they may adapt to change, learn and pivot, deliver at speed, and thrive in a competitive market. 


Along the way, we will accomplish the SP&M steps while we teach and embed capability into your organization to employ proven tools and methods such as Mobius Loop, Journey Maps, Discovery Sprints, Dual Track Agile, Lean Canvas, and more.  When finished, you will have a quantified and modeled risk map of your value chain, your team will own the product, and they will be equipped with the latest Agile techniques and methods to quickly adapt to future changes.

Connect with us to learn how we can make your value chain more agile and resilient to change

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