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Achieve process consistency, harmonization, and governance across the value chain
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Process Excellence: The Foundation of an Agile Enterprise


Wasteful operations are not just a phenomenon of the factory floor.  Outdated, inefficient, or even undocumented business processes can do more damage to a company’s bottom line than a force majeure over time.


Essential to achieving operational excellence in strategy execution is possessing a high control authority over existing processes. Here we are using the vernacular of aeronautics because the analogy is an exact one: when control is low, a business’ ability to maintain high performance in the face of constant change is seriously compromised.  Imagine an aircraft that had incomplete control of its ailerons in the face of sudden vector changes in wind current!  Poor processes within a business produce the same chaotic effect.

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Where and how to start the journey to high control authority is the crucial question.  It starts with leadership, who must be aligned on the specific outcomes they expect to achieve through deployment of the business strategy


Once the leadership conversation is successfully completed, our “Value 2 Market Optimization” model provides the necessary roadmap and transformation guidance to train and transform an organization from tribal knowledge to process excellence, where high process control authority, alignment, and governance are the norm, not the exception.

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