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Advisory Support

For our Private Equity clients who are evaluating a potential investment opportunity, we offer Buy-Side Intermediary specialized due diligence support and capability training across a broad array of manufacturing and service sectors that provides key data and deep insights on performance and capability in the following enterprise competency areas:

  • Operations Excellence & Business Process Governance

  • Supply Chain Execution & Disruption Management

  • Business Intelligence 

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Enterprise Agility

Within each competency area, we have analytical tools, key peer benchmarks, and core professional operating experience to provide our clients the necessary information they require to enable the best investment decisions possible.  Because we work with  enterprises across many manufacturing sectors to help improve their performance in these five areas, we are continually building our knowledge base and refining our approach so that we only bring best in class service to our Buy-Side advisory support.


Baseline Assessment

How competent is your acquisition in OPEX, Supply Chain Management, and Continuous Improvement?Our expertise in manufacturing has allowed us to develop effective tools to quickly understand performance

Demand Variability1.png


Decades of experience in assessment of enterprise operations and business process excellence has given us deep experience in business diagnostics.  Our data collection and analytics capabilities expertly identify and quantify problem areas within a company



Our professional partnerships, alliances, and interactions with flagship knowledge houses means you get only the best and most up to date benchmarking of your investment opportunity

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We connect the white spaces across bodies of data and information in our discovery process to tease out all causal connections across the value chain to help our clients develop the big picture needed for appropriate decisions

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