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The ‘Eyes of the Business’: The Agile Dashboard

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In a recent survey (4th Qtr, 2018) conducted jointly by NC State University and IBM across all business sectors, companies both large and small reported the following:


  • 95% of organizations face significant obstacles in creating a unified view of their data

  • 75% of businesses say that poor quality data has made it challenging to achieve their digital transformation plans

  • 24% of professionals spend more than 25% of their time looking for data, a significant increase over 2017

Although many leading companies are trying to achieve the vast benefits potentially derived from enhanced visibility, integrated systems and processes, and advanced optimization algorithms, it’s clear that most companies face substantial capital, intellectual property, and change management barriers to advancement.


While companies should always aim for this endpoint, there’s fortunately an intermediate position we can deliver that  functionally provides, during your maturity journey, a significant portion of the above at a fraction of the cost and time with your current infrastructure.  Better yet, it begins and ends with the desired business outcomes you seek, refreshes in real time, defeats data silos, and incorporates any advanced analytic and custom metric into one single, powerful view to increase your business intelligence.  Accessible on any device, we call it “The Intelligent Dashboard”:

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